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Ciroc Coconut Vodka 700ml

Alcohol: 37.5 %

Ciroc is one of the world’s only vodkas created entirely from grapes. Produced from French grapes harvested when frozen, cold-fermented and distilled five times, CÎROC brings the fine art of wine-production to ultra-premium vodka.

Ciroc Coconut Vodka — packaged in a premium heavy bottle — is the perfect blend of clean finish, smooth vodka with natural sweet and creamy coconut and a hint of other tropical fruits. Enjoy it alone or mix into your favorite tropical cocktail.

Ciroc Coconut Vodka is an ideal gift to send as a “Thank You” or “Congratulations” present; to kick-off a friend’s Retirement, or to celebrate a Birthday, Bridal Shower, Anniversary or College Graduation.

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