Monsoon Organic GINGER BEER 4 pack

The “Nine Dragon river Delta” is the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River empties into the sea and has been dubbed a “biological treasure trove”. It is here that we source a beautifully fragrant and delicate ginger that we use in our piquant ginger beer.

Jake Root (as ginger is known) is used by some as a charm to attract love, by others as an aphrodisiac and for some it is medicinal, settling the stomach . But you might simply choose it as a way to kick back, relax and refresh this summer.

Monsoon Ginger Beer uses coconut sugar, and as little as possible to balance the ginger, without losing the flavour we strive for. It contains as much as 30% less sugar than most major brands.

The result is a range of  fragrant sparkling ginger beers, naturally lightly carbonated, loaded with ginger and other Asian spices
Monsoon as the name suggests is a great refresher.  It has a light sophisticated taste that makes it a perfect drink, which leaves you feeling satisfied and revitalized.

Monsoon, the colours of summer!