Sopra Sasso Rosso Veneto – (Italy)

Sopra Sasso – the name of the label, it means “stone balancing”
Rosso Veneto – red wine from Veneto in north-west Italy
IGT – Indicazione Geografica Tipica is the second level of a four tier Italian wine classification system (DOCG, DOC, IGP/IGT and finally Vino da Tavola, table wine or as we call it…plonk for plonkers!)
da uve leggermente appassite – leggermente appassito translates as ‘slightly raisined’ as some partially dried grapes were used in the winemaking process

From Veneto in the north-west of Italy – an area best known for producing the world famous Valpolicella red wine. Using the classic Valpolicella grape varieties (Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella) this is a super charged version of the usually lighter, easier drinking Valpolicella wine thanks to partial use of an Ancient Roman method of grape drying. This helps add texture, sugars and richness to this medium to full bodied, extremely drinkable, velvety red.

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